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NE(R)0 - 100% Cotton Canvas

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  • CA-NERO-120
LIMITED to 21 pieces   The story behind the art Chapter 1: NE(R)0...more
Product information "NE(R)0 - 100% Cotton Canvas"

LIMITED to 21 pieces


The story behind the art


Chapter 1: NE(R)0

It's been a rough winter.
My regular way home is a cyberpunkian distopia. The streets are littered. Bankers and Hedgefund folks are standing in line with the bums to grab a bite at the local church. Everything is in shambles.

I used to enjoy my walks in the inner city to do some window shopping. Laugh at the excess of the world.
Mansions and fast cars were the usual sight. But that changed. Now the most prominent brand is "Foreclosure".
It's quite popular in the former bankers district.
But, everyone got his own hustle to do, so I keep moving. I wonder why the shit hit the fan so quickly.
The economy is not trembling, it came to a startling halt.
It's got something to do with the money. Everyone blames the bankers.
Maybe the newspaper can tell me more.

Ahmed, the friendly owner of my favorite corner store, smiles as I enter his establishment.
"Habibi, how are you doing today? I reserved one for you." He grabs under the counter and hands me the Times. The title says:


Chapter 2: NE0

"They will come for you, I mean... What you are planning to do is... an act of aggression. They can't let that slide."
My Wife is such a brilliant woman. I don't know how she does it, but she get's the implications of anything so quick.

"This money we are currently using is like mold in the walls. You can never really remove it without building it anew. Our society is fucked if we don't have an alternative. I mean it doesn't matter if there's a new chancellor in town. Money loses value by the second, people don't give a fuck about building for the future anymore. Saving is futile. There won't be any hope left if I don't do something.
I... I can't let that slide!"

With an almost inaudible sigh, she turns around and stares into the hall. Her shoulders seem to weigh heavy on her.
"I know. Do what you got to do. I'll always be there for you. However long that still is." She steps out of my room.

I sit in the dimly lit darkness and listen to her footsteps as they fade away.
A single hiss of my computer fan is returning my focus to the problem at hand.
I turn around and am almost blinded by the brightness of my screen. There's no need in postponing this further.
I can procrastrinate when I die. Hope he's not mad, that I'm using his name.
Hesitantly I begin to type:

"I've developed a new open source P2P e-cash system called Bitcoin."

Chapter 3: 0

There's a lot of buzz coming my way. So many wrong questions are asked. I'm not the thing they should focus on.
Years have passed and I tried to warn and educate people about the problem with central banks.

Sometimes, I can't believe it myself. I found a cure for the fake money disease.
Probably should've gone into medicine to cure some cancer, huh? Nah, what am I yapping about. I hate stitching people up.
Electronic fan hisses and LED fueld lightwaves are my thing.

I think they are ready. Well, at least I hope they are. I won't be around to see the end of it. Let's hope my sacrifice was enough to save the future.

Please forget about me. I'm just a man. This is your chance to save the next generation.
Time to say goodbye.

"I’ve moved on to other things. It’s in good hands with Gavin and everyone."


For whom is this CryptoART piece intended?

This is for everyone out there who has been with us from the beginning or for the original cause. The freedom fighters. The rebels.
The ones who don't want to hand the future to some wannabe dictators.

We BUILDL together, we HODL together.

Real art goes on real canvas

  • Original artist canvas, 360 g/m²  100% cotton - with finest linen structure
  • Gallery-grade real wood wedge frame with a thickness of 4cm including 8 tension wedges
  • 75 years colour warranty
  • Manufactured in Berlin from over 99 % renewable materials

Got questions? Contact our owner Lawrence (a.k.a Lando Rothbardian) directly here on Telegram.

"Either you're 100% satisfied or you get your money back. No need for discussions." - Lawrence a.k.a. Lando Rothbardian - owner of and


Art by MX12.Levins
Concept by MX12.Levins and Lando Rothbardian
Story by Lando Rothbardian
Pictures by Charlene Riebel

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Customer evaluation for "NE(R)0 - 100% Cotton Canvas"
11 May 2020

Fuckin Ace

You gotta be blunt sometimes. That's why I chose the big one. Nobody should need to ask "What's your stance on Fiat Money" when they enter my office. So I hanged this fuckin beauty right behind my desk. Top notch quality and service. MX12 and Lando are doing some awesome work here!

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