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CRYPTOBERFEST! - Adoptiontime with Paper Wallets for Octoberfest!

The Oktoberfest brings over 6 million people from all over the world to Munich every year. Which place would be better suited for a little adoption work? We want to support you in your Mission Adoption and have prepared a small guide for Paper Wallets.

With this you can easily create a Paper Wallet for Bitcoin, DASH, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

But who is the paperwallet aimed at? We want to focus on the most industrious workers on the Wies'n: The waitresses.

Transporting 12 Maß in one fell swoop and endure a lot of drunkenness; that's hard work. That's why we're tipping in Crypto this year! The money of the future at Bavaria's most traditional folk festival.

Our template is kept as simple as possible, so that you can have fun while you HODL or SPENDL even without a doctor in blockchain and cryptography.

All you have to do is write the amount in the template, insert the QR code, and remove all mentions of the other coins. You will need a document editor to do this. If you do not have one, we can recommend Libreoffice ( It is free, open source and available at Linux, Windows and Mac.

Here the template:

 In ODT format    In DOCX format


How do I create a Paper Wallet?

When creating a paper wallet, it is usually recommended to use a computer that is neither connected to the Internet now nor in the future so that the private key cannot be leaked to any third party. When it comes to creating a paper wallet that will be used for the long-term storage of cryptocurrencies, that is very good advice. However, when it comes to creating a paper wallet that only contains a tip, a lower level of security should be sufficient (a more detailed description of the more secure way can be found here).

This is the quickest way to create a paper wallet:

  1. Start the wallet generator. The following links lead to the different cryptocurrencies:
    Bitcoin Cash:
  2. Use the mouse in arbitrary directions until the countdown is over. This ensures that the key is actually generated randomly, as machine random generators often have weak points.
  3. Copy the QR code into the template we created and supplemented with instructions.
    If you are using Firefox, you can right-click on the page and click "Capture screenshot", select the QR code, and click Copy.

    If you are using a different browser (Brave, Chrome, Chromium, etc.), you will need to cut the QR codes manually. Microsoft Edge has trouble loading the pages correctly.
  4. Print the paper wallet with the QR codes inserted.
  5. Send the desired amount to the address of the Paper Wallet either by scanning the QR code or by copying the Public Key.

What to consider when handing over the tip?

Imagine you've had an 8 hour shift, carried around about 2000l of beer and got some of it on yourself. Now one of your guests would like to give you a lecture about "decentralized money" "deflation vs. inflation" or other topics unknown to you,

How do you react?

  • You are happy about the lecture and want to learn more, even if it might cost you your job.
  • You are annoyed, take the funny "money slip" and probably throw it away.

Stop the yapping, but say what the Paper Wallet is, in one sentence:

"There's 5 € on the note as a digital tip. It's best to read it after work."

Don't forget, you're not at a Meetup, you're at a Volksfest. Show yourself from your best side, have fun and do not lecture the waitresses.

What am I wearing?

That's easy: Our limited CRYPTOBERFEST shirts and mugs! Only available until 21.09.2019. There's also something fancy for all the poeple who couldn't make it:


As a little delicacy on top, you can also get free shipping to Germany with Paypal and Klarna payments starting at 50,-€! For cryptos it is as always free of shipping costs from the first Euro.

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